Taking the Chance Out of Change

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Meet Our Team

Caroline Walker Houston Texas

Caroline Walker

Chief Organizational Change Management Consultant and Owner

As Change Corporation's Owner and Chief Organizational Change Consultant, Caroline excels at “connecting the dots” for companies to break down functional silos, solve change management pain points, and identify opportunities for impactful change.

Tina Creger Houston Texas

Tina Creger

Operations Manager

Katia Goncharova Houston Texas

Kate Goncharova

Business Development Lead


The team was awarded in 2018 the “Always on Point Communications” and “#Respect” awards from the Phillips66 midstream TRAC66 Project Manager, recognizing the communications and training efforts that helped to achieve user adoption of a new volumetric reporting tool. In 2021, Caroline received a Special Recognition award from Midstream Business Systems for her OCM leadership that “enabled the launch of the Gray Oak Pipeline ($2.5B crude oil pipeline project), Sweeny Hub Phase 2, and Zena Lateral.”


  • Lingua de Cosmos/Speak to Learn (English speaking program)
  • Women in Television and Film
  • Federation of Houston Professional Women
  • Houston Organizational Development Network
  • U.S. History for Citizenship
  • National Association for Women in Construction
  • Houston Teachers and Students ESL Meetup

Training and Certifications

  • Prosci (Professional Sciences)-certified change manager
  • Organizational Culture Inventory® and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®
  • Leadership/Impact®
  • Management/Impact®